Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Come on, guys, get with the program

The majority of American men do not consult health professionals at the same rate women do.

In a 2014 CDC survey, 61.5 % of the men consulted said they had been in contact with a doctor or other professional in the last six months--if only via a phone call.

For women, this was 74%.

In the past two yrs, 13.7% of men and 5.7% of women had tagged up.

Adult children can convince dad to:

--Get his blood pressure checked once every two years.

--Get cholesterol checked every five yrs. (sooner if he has heart disease in the family).

--Get screened for diabetes if he takes meds for high blood pressure.

Men often think if I am not sick, why go to the doctor? This can become seductive--sometimes I think like this myself.

But a checkup every few yrs won't kill you--and it might prevent something else from killing you.

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