Monday, June 12, 2017

Cat yoga...for you, not the cat

According to a story in The New York Times, some cat shelters are offering yoga classes, with sinuous, calming cats wandering about or sitting on the participants.

One is the Good Mews shelter in Marietta, Georgia. They clear the cat "trees" out of the way and 15 people take yoga amidst the kitties. The cats head for the mats immediately.

The humans find it relaxing and a good chance to commune with animals. One woman even said she sometimes goes to the dog park to just to watch animals.

For me, veterinarian shows in TV really lift me from my usual thoughts.

Each class is different, a woman from Meow Parlor on the Lower East Side said. Cats will scratch in the little box or meow so loudly the instructor can't be heard.

They also are good stretchers--and sometimes will mimic the yogis--even doing a downward dog. Heh.

Mostly, they bring their energy. If you ask me, this can be positive or negative. My personal cat tends to wander about squalling like a fire alarm.

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